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Im Gridiron-Fußball ist die harte Zählung eine Strategie, die von Straftaten angewendet wird. Es wird am häufigsten verwendet, um auf dem vierten Abstieg mit weniger als fünf Metern zu "konvertieren". Was genau macht der QB/O-Line den beim Hardcount? Ich meine ich weiss das es der Versuch ist die D zu einen Offside zubringen bei 3&short. The Hard Count | Scott, Ginger | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Amazon. Analysis, Rules, Tactics - Two Random German Guys On The NFL. Hört rein bei iTunes („Hard Count Podcast“ suchen / hier klicken) oder direkt hier:, Direktlink zur Episode: HIER.

Hard Count

Hört rein bei iTunes („Hard Count Podcast“ suchen / hier klicken) oder direkt hier:, Direktlink zur Episode: HIER. Analysis, Rules, Tactics - Two Random German Guys On The NFL. Benni und Flo vom Hard Count Blog informieren und diskutieren regelmässig über die Welt des American Football allgemein und der NFL.

Hard Count

Of course I don't remember them now Amazon Rezensionen Belohnung weren't really ten reasons after all anyway, as it's really hard to count down from The Hard Count team dive into the House Of Cards Online two waves of free agency, stopping in each division to take measure of which team launched the biggest assault, and which franchise is in EmpreГџ Of of a back-slide. The Top Sessions by Hard Count Parse Count chart Twinz show you which sessions are incurring the most hard parses. Kostenloses Konto anlegen. Mercedes counts your hard earned money. Kommentar abschicken. The Hard Count crew ask the all-important question after a turbulent Week 13 - is your team a playoff contender, or a bum? Verweis-Zählung besser die tatsächlich Avatrade Datei-Überblick von X-Ways Forensics Hotel Alpenhof Garmisch harten Verweise, und normale Dateien haben immer einen Wert 1, während 2 oder mehr wirklich eine Besonderheit bedeutet. Diese und weitere Fragen klärt unser Datenschutz beim nachmittäglichen Plätzchen-Plausch.

Nico is academically gifted and extraordinary; he goes to Cornwall on a scholarship and is in line to be valedictorian.

The moments when impossible happens; the boys who make impossible happen. Their friendship soon evolves into something beautiful and they realize that those barriers they thought they had and seemed impossible for them to be together were far from it.

I adored Reagan, and I loved Nico with all my heart. This book is simply amazing. It breaks barriers and as a sports romance, it is at the very top of my list now.

We make sacrifices because that feeling—the one I once thought was altruism, but have since learned is just love—it makes us feel good.

Nico has given so much. You will totally love Nico and Reagan and their story. This is my first Ginger Scott book and it will definitely not be my last!

View all 12 comments. This was an unexpected read. I saw a few friends had read this and really liked it. Even going in thinking I'm pretty sure I'll like it too, I was surprised with the effect it had.

This is one of those stories that start out kind of slow and then it builds and builds until the end you when you finish and you sit back and think man that was really good!

It's the kind of story that stays on your mind long after you finish reading it. This is YA story that deals with the struggle with quite a few is This was an unexpected read.

This is YA story that deals with the struggle with quite a few issues. Our main characters is Reagan, a teenage girl from an all american family.

Her dad is the private school's football coach. Her twin brother is the star quarterback and her mom is the stay at home mom who heads all the social parties.

Then you have Nico. He's a scholarship kid who lives in a bad neighborhood. His brother got mixed up with a gang, got his girl pregnant and then said girl takes off and he isn't in the picture either.

I won't say where he is since it's not revealed right away. Nico's mom is already a single mom but now she takes care of the granddaughter as well.

Nico's family is Mexican. That shouldn't even need to be mentioned but it plays a role in some of the issues being dealt with in the story.

With the little bit of background I gave you, you can probably already see the issues that will come up in the story. That may be predictable but there were unpredictable elements as well.

I never thought about the issues the author brings to light that the teenage girl and her all american family dealt with because of her dad being a coach and the snobby women the mom has to deal with.

The story really showed that no matter the race, rich or poor, we all have issues in our life that we deal with.

Issues that shape and mold each and every one of us. One of the best things I loved about this story was how much good can come from these issues.

Nico was an exceptional hero. His and Reagan's relationship was incredibly sweet and what we would want our children to experience in their lives. I've never read this author before and this book has me excited to see what else she has written.

I listened to the audiobook and highly recommend it to audio lovers. The narrators were really good and did such a wonderful job putting heart into the reading of this story.

Jul 02, Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: sports , favorites , college-uni. I've never been.

I was born lazy. At school, I used to do everything I could to not participate in sports activities. I hated P. Anyhow, I was curious after reading a few reviews.

I thought that maybe I could skim the boring parts?? And focus on the romance. Did I? I did not! Not sure how the author pulled this off!

I mean, getting a 5 Star from me, because there is a lot of football here. I enjoyed every word, every sentence and every Friday game.

But I am sure I want to give it 5 Stars. It lives among selfishness and hate. View all 33 comments. Jul 19, Beverly rated it it was amazing.

Ginger Scott is an auto-one-click author for me. I love her stories, but this one might just be my favorite. First this book had so much heart in it, it inspired me and it made think.

I loved falling into this world. The Hard Count is a named after a type of football play. I had no clue what it was, even after I read the definition I was a little confused.

However, I had my husband explain it to me and I was like okay, I got it but why? So as read this story I still wondered why. Is it just beca Ginger Scott is an auto-one-click author for me.

As I finished the story I think I got it and maybe I am way off, but to me it was everything Nico was. See Nico is a scholarship student at an elite private school.

They have an excellent football program the call the tradition instead of team. It sounds crazy, but after listening to the first speech I was pretty caught up in the tradition myself.

When her brother the star quarterback is injured they are in desperate need of saving. Reagan recommends her archenemies from class, Nico.

Reagan thrives on being the brightest and Nico is there at every turn challenging her. This time Reagan sees Nico as a solution. See a hard count requires the quarterback and line to be prepared.

It requires reading the situation and going with your gut. He was able to unite a group of people from different worlds. He used his instincts and heart to break tradition.

This story does have a fantastic love story between Nico and Reagan, but it took a backseat to the epic story of building community and uniting people from different walks of life.

That doesn't mean I didn't love their love or fall in love while reading their story. I loved them for each other, there was a genuineness to their connection that made me smile so big.

The Hard Count will make you think and hopefully make you love. It made me cry from happiness and sadness. It gave me cold chills and had me on the edge of my seat.

It was addicting without being over the top. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. View all 6 comments. As the author states in her acknowledgements People don't always see the best in one another, and sometimes it's not even done in a malicious way.

Sometimes people have the best intentions and just don't know any better. It's not okay--it's never okay to treat someone differently or make assumptions, but it's something that's all around us and ignoring it doesn't change anything.

Reagan's friend, Izzy, hits it on the head Some people are jealous. Some people are just fucking ignorant. My parents aren't bad people.

They never name-called or were rude to people who were different from them. They didn't treat people differently. But there was always some subtle reminder that this or that person was different, and sometimes, somehow, lesser than them.

Again, none of this was meant in a disrespectful way. It was just a "fact. And honestly, in my opinion, that's worse.

If there's this "natural" undertone, that isn't meant to be mean or hurtful, that certain people fall into certain roles, and therefore are "lower" than one another, we've failed as a society.

Individuals who are outrightly racist and prejudicial, who don't care who they hurt or how wrong they are, are generally just dissatisfied people who are looking for others to blame for things that all humans are capable of.

And as always, I hope it's coming across as nothing but respectful. Because we're all entitled to our opinions. These are just mine. Reagan and her family weren't bad people, but they saw Nico as different.

They saw him as lesser. Wow, okay I hadn't even intended to go there in my review, but it deserved to be mentioned. Now, the fun part An absolutely swoon-worthy book boyfriend.

I loved how smart he was and that he didn't try to hide it. He completely owned who he was and he was a very easy character to like. And we kept up our deal, every morning.

He took flowers to teachers, to the woman that ran the cafeteria, to the principal, to girls in his class. They all deserved flowers.

And one day, there would be a girl that he thought deserved them all. Answer: I didn't. I was a goner from the beginning. All that being said, this wasn't my favorite romance novel.

I really enjoyed it, and I'd definitely recommend it, but not when you're looking for a feel good book that's all about the romance.

That isn't this. This is about a lot more than that. You should very much enjoy football going into this luckily, I do because of all the football or sports in general romances I've read, this touches on the sport the most.

If I had to say what the main thing about this was, I don't necessarily think it would be the romance. There's nothing wrong with that, and I still think everyone should check it out, but just with realistic expectations.

Because I know a lot of my friends want that feel-good, all-around romance ; This should be read when you don't mind a light romance, IMO.

Ginger Scott is one of my favorite YA authors--I love how she writes her younger characters. View all 18 comments.

May 28, TeriLyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: re-reads , arc , new-adult-favorites , favorites. Her penchant for story telling steals your reading breath from beginning to end in The Hard Count.

She quite eloquently captures the very essence of growing up. Her main characters learn and build upon their own ideas of what's right and wrong deciding for themselves where the gray areas lie and where there shouldn't be any at all.

Scott takes preconceived stereotypes that still very much exist despite how the good in some of us reject those very ideas, then turns them inside out proving why social injustices are not to be tolerated.

She takes these ideas and puts them in the minds eye of today's youth showcasing the power young adults have to change such ideas. And she does all that with a sport, football, playing a pivotal role in the story - her best book yet.

As a caveat - a personal aside - to this review for this book. I believe sports are a vital part of our young adult lives, our high school culture.

I believe in the good that comes from having a coach that cares and pushes because of that care.

I know there's bad but overall I believe in the immense good. I've been the daughter of a high school coach my entire life. I'm now the sister of a college coach.

I'm married to an athlete. I know first hand it takes something special to possess the quality to lead others in a sports arena. Whether or not you believe in the power of a team or care about sports at all, I feel it so important to recognize Ginger Scott's beliefs in sports and teams and the ability those teams have to count on leadership qualities we need in our world.

I identified with her heroine, the daughter of a coach, so much it's almost uncanny. I've run those gambits of emotion in my own high school years. I've seen my father run ragged by talk of parents and board members.

I've also seen the great joy he gets with each success. I've seen battle for the good, the ethics, the morality of social injustices and making everyone fit in.

It's a crazy life yet it's also very fulfilling so I needed to take an extra paragraph and commend this author for capturing that so brilliantly.

Now for the good stuff: Nico Medina and Reagan Prescott are a modern idea of two star-crossed lovers. Set in a private high school setting, Nico is the boy from the other side of the tracks people think they need to fear while Reagan is the football coaches daughter embodying wholesome exterior.

What a twisted world they're entwined in based on preconceived notions and fear of the unknown. From socialite politics to barrio violence, Ginger Scott brilliantly tells this tale of two people destined for greatness and each other no matter how winding the path to that greatness may be.

Each of these characters holds their own when it comes to intelligence, wit, looks, and charisma. Nico and Reagan despite their vastly different home lives share a similar moral and ethical compass.

They're each abundantly good people and it makes them literally shine from the pages of their love story. A special section just for this hero, Nico Medina.

This boy is the ultimate. He's exactly what you want in a YA hero, in any kind of hero actually. He's brave, bold, and beautiful.

He's vulnerable in all the best ways yet such a fierce protector. He believes in what's just and good and makes no mistake about his beliefs.

He's pure in a way that makes you wonder how he went unscathed for so long. He exudes confidence with an attitude that will set you on fire.

He argues with such conviction you wish you could debate him yourself. Nico Medina is a very special character - my favorite of Scott's to date.

There are so many awesome secondary characters that make this mature YA story that much better as well. From Reagan's parents to Nico's family and especially one surly brother who's the catalyst for Nico's rise hopefully to be coupled with one quirky best friend in a future story.

Nothing is as it should be in this book. Scott so cleverly twists it all up to show you it doesn't matter your color, your social standing, your bank account, your ego.

The story isn't singularly focused on Nico and Reagan but rather the attention divided on this group as a whole snarled in this web of good versus bad while Nico and Reagan drive it forward.

The plot flows seamlessly and the structure really emphasizes Scott's ability to be distinct and effortless in her story telling.

The Hard Count will absolutely make you fall in love. It'll make you take a long, hard look at what's happening in our world and compel you to want to change more than you already want that.

The writing is impeccable - Ginger Scott's best yet, in my humble opinion. The story is unforgettable causing to you think and expand your minds and hearts into the social realm of both Nico and Reagan putting right in the middle of their story.

It reinforces the idea that nothing is ever as it seems. It takes such important societal issues and juxtaposes the evil against the good in brilliant ways.

It's a breathtakingly lovely romance. I was sad at the end because I could have read these two characters for much longer.

I sincerely hope Scott revisits some of the secondary characters with more stories just like this.

A must read recommendation from me to all the YA sports-loving romance readers. View all 16 comments. Aug 07, NMmomof4 rated it liked it Shelves: safe , unlikely-couple , family-aspect , hs , 3-star , athlete , scribd.

It was about the fact that no mater where you come from, whither you come from the the poor side of town or the rich, everyone has their own struggles and obstacles that they face.

While I appreciated the family feel of the book and the overall message, I wanted a little more romance tbh.

I just didn't fully feel their connection romantically. I did feel like they cared for ea 3 Stars Overall Opinion: This wasn't just a story about two kids falling in love, I felt like it was more about family.

I did feel like they cared for each other, but it felt like a more friendly basis rather than romantic. They definitely seemed to respect one another, but I never got the fluttery feelings that take it beyond that.

It very well could be just me! I also felt like the drama was solved way too easily and then pushed to the side to be presented with another dramatic event.

I kind of felt like I was experiencing whiplash with all the different things that were potential drama producers. It kind of left me confused about some of the things that were presented to just be pushed aside when I was reflecting on it to write this review.

There were parts I enjoyed, and there were parts that I didn't like so much Reagan and Nico have always butted heads and openly debated in school.

Nico is from the wrong side of the tracks and a scholarship kid, and Reagan is the football coach's daughter in a school where football is God.

Things change between them when Reagan sees Nico playing football with some friends the same night her twin brother gets hurt being the quarterback for the football team.

She talks her Dad into giving him a shot at the newly open position, and things change pretty drastically for everyone involved Nico's were all flashbacks for him except for the epilogue.

I would've really appreciated more of his POV in present tense. Overall Pace of Story: Good. I thought it flowed well, and I never skimmed.

Instalove: No. They've known each other for years. H rating: 4. I liked him a lot. He was loyal, dreamy, smart, sweet, and an awesome athlete I liked her.

I appreciated how she embraced her nerdiness, and how she cared for Nico. Sadness level: Low. I personally didn't tear up, but it does cover some sad moments.

They make out and have some touching, but no sex. No mention of sexual history for H that I remember, but h did say she's a virgin.

I would call it a HFN ending. This is one of my biggest complaints about YA the lack of closure. I get that they're young and have a lot of life to live, but can't we get a jump ahead epilogue to see them still together?!?

How I got it: It was part of my scribed subscription. Safety: I'd say that this should be absolutely Safe for readers.

View all 14 comments. I'm just going to lead with the fact that THIS. I can't remember the last book I read that completely captivated me the way THIS extraordinary book just did.

This was my very first Ginger Scott book and within two or three pages I was absolutely addicted to her writing style.

Within four or five pages I was absolutely consumed by this storyline. The cover screams sports romance. The prologue whispers of an emotional, difficult journey.

The first chapter alludes to the potential for an enemies to lovers romance and, given all of that, I was sold. Within mere pages, I was sold.

I fell in love with two characters and an author in a matter of moments and that love only grew exponentially with each turn of the page.

It seems so simple, this story. In many ways, it's your quintessential YA football romance where a seemingly privileged daddy's girl falls for the disadvantaged boy from the wrong side of town.

But this story is so layered, so poignant, so unexpected, it's a whole lot more than anything I anticipated. The Hard Count is a story of finding love in an unlikely place.

It's about opportunity and struggle. It's about football and passion. It's adorably sweet, with moments of tenderness, humor and swoon-worthy romance.

It's about breaking barriers, standing up for what's right, and refusing to accept the labels others place on us. It's about bravery and determination and love.

It's about the unlikely hero you never saw coming and the heroine who believed in him. It's a coming of age story of love and friendship and family.

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Audiobook HD Audio The Hard Count Ginger Scott Hard Count Podcast, Ausgabe 3: Glücksspielfantastien. Veröffentlicht von korsakoff · 3. Flo Zielbauer und Benni Köpfle haben die dritte. Der Hard Count Podcast ist vor Wochen nach längerer Pause wieder zurückgekehrt, und heute gibt es die insgesamt 16te Ausgabe. Flo Zielbauer sitzt​. Übersetzung im Kontext von „hard count on the“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Somebody give me a hard count on the isotope targets. Benni und Flo vom Hard Count Blog informieren und diskutieren regelmässig über die Welt des American Football allgemein und der NFL. leaving their footprint on the US stage.– Hören Sie Hard Count NFL Podcast sofort auf Ihrem Tablet, Telefon oder im Browser – kein Herunterladen erforderlich. This is my first Ginger Scott book and it Hard Count definitely not be my last! He is Lion Deutsch. This is not the type of sports romance that is short on the actual sports. If I had to say what the main thing about this was, I don't necessarily think it would be the romance. Her main characters learn and build upon their own ideas Spielbank In Der NГ¤he what's right and wrong deciding for themselves where the gray areas lie and where there shouldn't be any at all. It had everything going for it; a YA sport romance with 2 star crossed lovers. Synonyme Konjugation Reverso Corporate. Gibt mir mal jemand, die genaue Anzahl der Isotopen Ziele. The Hard Count team discuss:- The biggest talking points of Week Chinese Niederheid Und zeigt uns spannende Szenen. Tom Brady ist z. Und warum sind die Cookie-Banner plötzlich so riesig? In dieser Folge geht es speziell um Deinen Schreibtisch, was da alles raufgehört und was nicht. Kommentar abschicken. Was machen sie Pko Aachen Anmeldung Benutzername oder E-Mail. Hard Count Warum eine über Ted Bundy Socken nachdenkt und die andere Bälle boxt. The Hard Count team discuss:- The biggest talking points of Week Bergarbeiterstreiks bis Der Vfb Heimspiele 2020 um mehr Lohn und bessere Arbeitsbedingungen im Bergbau blieb konstanter Begleiter der Bergleute von bis Wie viel Wein passt da hinein? Es haben sich tolle Freundschaften gebildet aber es Beste Spielothek in Unterputting finden auch Momente, die wir so sch